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Learn the background and life fear about every character in the Journeys of the Astropaths series.

Dr. Marlow Pegonious

DR. MALOW PEGONIOUS: is an astropath in his early 50’s. He was Michael’s teacher and is now teaching Cody. His teacher was G.G., the oldest living astropath. Marlow loves jazz music and follows the jazz scene in Chicago closely. He is a professor at Chicago University where he teaches history. His hobbies are traveling, reading and researching the history of the astropaths.

His fear: His life mission has been to find the origin of the astropaths power and his biggest fear is that it may not be possible to learn.

His life regret: While working for the government in his early thirties, he was asked to go on a mission of a fact finding nature. The mission went badly and he took several lives in order to get the information he’d been sent for. His inexperience made him afraid and some twenty years after that day, he still looks back with disappointment for getting his hands so bloody.

His dream: To create a community of astropaths who know their origins and live in peace.

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