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Learn the background and life fear about every character in the Journeys of the Astropaths series.


CHENZERA: is an Egyptian boy of 14-years-old and of course is born on the same day as Cody and Setthapong. He enjoys prayer at the mosque and the union of the devoted, but his family did not raise him to trust the politics of the mosque but rather to follow the good teachings of the Koran. His hobbies are reading and soccer, both watching it and playing it.

His fear: is that no one can truly understand him or accept him. In Egypt he always felt different than other kids his age and when he travels outside of his homeland with his astrol projection powers he finds he doesn’t fit in any better. This is why Tearlach’s family of astropaths appeals to him so strongly.

His regret in life: is his lack of serious study or practice at soccer. He wishes to do well at both, but often sacrifices one for the other and then regrets both decisions.

His dream: is to have a family some day of his own. He wants to raise a son and daughter with a wife who is madly in love with him and him with her.

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